7 Cool Ideas to Survive Summer in Puerto Vallarta

Refreshing options during summer, at the beach city of Puerto Vallarta Mexico (if you already live here)

Summers in PV can be hot and with a high humidity index, in one word: muggy.

There are some days during the summer where you can stand in the shade and it is not any different than to be standing in the sun. Taking a refreshing shower may seem like a good idea, but when you have just stepped out of the shower, you start sweating, all over again! Some people might take three or even four showers a day.

Here are my suggestions for some activities, which besides  home chores, school or work, will make summer in our beautiful tropical city, more bearable. I also point out the downside to each, to take into account.

Remember summer will linger until end of October, only, hopefully .

1.SAMS Club o Costco. Here temperatures are stable throughout the summer. Take a shopping cart, show your membership card and start doing the rounds. Go where your curiosity takes you and keep going. Downside: you might end up buying some luxury imported items you really don’t need.

costco 1

2.Go to the movies. It does not matter which movie it is, nor what critics and audiences say about it. This place is ideal if you want to comfortably sit in a dark place, during two hours with a large soda pop and something to eat. Downside: you might end up eating more that you usually do, or buying more tickets to watch another movie, or two or three in order to spend more time here.

cine 2

3.Turn on the a/c in your room. There is nothing like being able to relax in the privacy of your home. With your own things: your music, your books, your pets and your refreshing drink. Downside: your power company (CFE) bill will be very high during the low season. Please, high season, begin already…

air con 3

4.Gush of rain water. After a strong rain, alongside your little neighbors, find a spot below the water gush, coming down from tilted red tile roofs. Usually on a steep, cobbled stoned street, in El Centro and surrounding areas. Downside: Watch out for trash bags, logs, bricks, sandals or stones that wash down the street, pulled all by the chocolate currents of tropical summer showers.

niños lluvia 1

5.Cool down in the rivers Either Cuale or Pitillal rivers, just your feet or take a proper swim. Downside: crocodiles also cool down here, after all, it has been their territory for thousands of years. Watch out!

rio cuale 1

6.Very cold wine. Constantly drink white or rosé wine, adding ice cubes (!!??) Well yes, the idea is that you buy a few bottles of the same label and make your own ice cubes from that wine. You can help yourself to that lovely very cold wine and add your own special ice. Warning: do not drive a car or operate any heavy machinery.

vino 1

7.Immerse yourself in a pool. It might not be very cold, but it will help. Actually it might be as warm as a shrimp soup. Warning: crinkly skin from staying in the pool for too long. You might want to move to the pool permanently.

alberca 2

Do you have any other cool ideas to survive the summer in PV? please comment below.