Platillos Especiales Dia de Muertos en El Arrayán

Celebrate Dia de Muertos with Tradicional Mexican Dishes at El Arrayán

At El Arrayán we are proud of Mexican traditions, and Día de Muertos is one of our favorites! As part of the celebration, we invite you to enjoy traditional Mexican dishes of this season, created with love for Mexican cuisine and with 100% Mexican ingredients. We invite you to try these Mexican delicacies from the 1st to the 6th of November in El Arrayán.

Three days every week, Cooking Classes at El Arrayán

The entire team at El Arrayán is happy to share with you that starting this Monday October 09th we will resume our popular Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes. Co-owner Carmen Porras and Chef Diego Sánchez will be teaching a wider range of Mexican classical dishes.

Summertime News

Summertime News El Arrayán, Mexican cuisine restaurant, would like to catch up with customers & friends as to what is happening

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