Receta de Rajas con Crema

Rajas con Crema

Rajas con queso (Pronounced ra-HAS con KAY-so) is a taco filling made with fresh Poblano chile, a mild green chile typically used for chiles rellenos, rajas, and crema de poblano. This dish is served throughout Mexico. Fresh Poblanos are the foundation of the dish. Rajas just means strips in Spanish. The name of the dish translates as “strips with cheese.”

Serrano & Vinegar Hot Salsa

1/2 pc Onion
3 cloves Garlic
5 pcs Serrano chile peppers
1  pinch Salt
100 ml White vinegar
50 ml Cooking oil
10 g Mexican oregano
as needed Water


Cube onions,

Many-pepper sauce

Makes ½ lt

100 g Fresh husked tomatillos
100 g Ripe Roma tomatoes
3 pcs. Serrano peppers
1 pc. Habanero pepper
1 pc. Guajillo pepper
2 pcs. Clean garlic cloves


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