Receta Camote en Piloncillo con Especias

Dark Sugar & Spices Candied Yams

In the old days in Mexico and still today this is a way to preserve such a delicious root vegetable as Yams.  This same recipe can be made with natural pineapple or squash. It keeps in the fridge very well.

Serves 8.


½ kg Fresh Yams
250 g Sugar
200 g Piloncillo, raw sugar, or the darkest sugar you can find
1 lt Pineapple juice, from a box
1 lt Water
3 cm Cinnamon Stick
4 pcs All spice  corns
½ pc Fresh lime


  • Brush and wash yams in water, peel well
  • Cut in 1 cm thick uniform squares
  • Cut Piloncillo to smaller pieces
  • Put all ingredients in a Pot, double layered bottom if possible
  • Squeeze in lime and leave peel in the mixture too
  • Cook all ingredients over high fire with lid on, for about 30 minutes
  • Check yams, with fork until soft but not over cooked
  • With slanted spoon, take yams out of pot, spread on a tray. Take lime out too.
  • Reduce liquid until thick (like bees’ honey) over low fire
  • Take out of fire and cool down in fridge
  • Once cold, put yams and syrup together
  • Let sit for at least one day so that yams soak up syrup flavor
  • Serve with Vanilla Ice cream