Día del Trabajo

May 1, Labor Day

Labor Day in Mexico has become an eagerly awaited festivity, one that lights up the Mexican ingenuity because of the irony it encloses. The truth is on Labor Day all activity ceases. Public Institutions, schools, banks and most commercial establishments close. In fact if you are planning any recreational activity on May 1, make sure the places you plan to visit will be open.

The origins of Workers Day date back to the beginning of the industrial revolution in United States, times of great social and political effervescence, in which protests and demonstrations rose in demand of dignifying work days and salaries. The central demand was 8 hour work day, since in those days a work day would be up to 18 hours.

In Chicago, a city of industrial nature, most of the demonstrations arose. On May 1, 1886, over 200,000 workers in several cities went on strike. In Chicago the strike went on until May 3, and it was dissolved violently by police forces.

Important note: Please note that the restaurant will be closed on May 1.