Receta de Rajas con Crema

Rajas con Crema

Rajas con queso (Pronounced ra-HAS con KAY-so) is a taco filling made with fresh Poblano chile, a mild green chile typically used for chiles rellenosrajas, and crema de poblano. This dish is served throughout Mexico. Fresh Poblanos are the foundation of the dish. Rajas just means strips in Spanish. The name of the dish translates as “strips with cheese.”



Serves 6

10 pcs Fresh Poblano chile peppers
300 grs White onions
1 pcs Garlic cloves
½ lt Crema, Crème Fraîche, sour cream
½ pc Cooking oil
½ pc Lime, juice
to taste salt


  • Using long tongs, burn pepper skin until black and blistered all over
  • Place in a bowl and cover. Let them sweat until cold enough to be able to peel them.
  • Carefully remove all seeds and stem under open water faucet
  • Cut 1 cm stripes length wise to make “Rajas”
  • Cut onion lengthwise very thin, chop garlic cloves
  • In a pan add cooking oil.
  • Sautée onion, and then garlic until translucent
  • Add peppers to pan. Toss for a few minutes
  • Add crema, cook for a few minutes until rajas are soft but not falling apart
  • Add salt and a few lime drops to taste, serve hot with soft corn tortillas to make tacos
  • For a dip version blend when all ingredients are soft, serve hot with corn chips