El Arrayán

Restaurant Week Dishes

By Carmen Porras E.
We are very pleased to share the news that we are participating in the 2017 Restaurant Week. Like every year, this time around we will be participating with completely new dishes. This gives us the opportunity to exercise our creativity and to play with our rich and wide variety of Mexican ingredients. Here I will be telling you the reasons why we are serving some of these options.


This ‘antojito’ (Mexican appetizer) was cooked by my friend Elsa Moebius’ mom back in our high school years. I used to beg her to invite me over to her place when they were cooking them. Thank you Elsita for introducing me to peneques; I still dream of the ones your mom cooked.

Vallarta Ceviche

During the summer of 2016 I participated in a video project with chef Karla Morales and Estela Camacho. Estela shared oh, so Vallartan recipes and for this one she invited Chala Lepe, who prepared this delicious recipe just the way ceviche is served at her home ever since she was a little girl.

Meatballs in Chipotle Broth

We cook them just as they used to do at home and at the homes of millions of Mexicans. Here in Jalisco, we add a little fresh peppermint to the mix of meat and ½ hard-boiled egg in the center. This dish always brings back good memories.

Fresh corn cakes

They are also a dish we learned from Chala Lepe. These fresh corn fried patties used to be had at breakfast or supper time with a cup of coffee. We have made ‘café de olla’ (dark sugar &spice coffee ice cream to combine these traditional Vallartan flavors in one dessert.

Mexican Bread Pudding

Laura Landeros Zuno, my dear cousin from Guadalajara, shared this recipe with me. For many years now, either when teaching, on local TV segments or in her book “A Feast of Flavors” Laura shares her recipes with the audience. Thank you, cousin. I’m passionate about this recipe for its simplicity and authentic, evocative flavors from times gone by.

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