If you are looking to take a Mexican cooking class in Puerto Vallarta, the professionals at El Arrayán have been offering this very Mexican experience since 2007. Owner Carmen Porras and Chef Diego Sánchez are teaching a wide range of Mexican classical dishes. We use more than 50 different recipes from diverse regions in Mexico. In addition to the very popular dishes taught before, by popular demand, different types of moles, tamales, fresh salsas and desserts have been added.

We are always learning about and sharing traditional ways of cooking, reading cookbooks for inspiration and knowledge, and watch food shows. With this as our culinary DNA, over the course of the class, we give you advice, and also pass on cultural and historical secrets on how to cook Mexican food, which makes for a very interesting and memorable experience to learn our traditional Mexican cuisine.

Usually our classes are available from October to March, our Winter Season.
Classes from April to September are sometimes available for four people or more, reserved at least 7 days in advance, to arrange specific details with our kitchen team. However, we have learned from previous experiences that classes during the summer are possible only when weather temperatures and humidity levels allow to have a comfortable class inside our kitchen.

For a summer class of 4 or more fill in this form or contact us: arrayanclasses@gmail.com.





Breakfast + Tour + Class + Lunch

Meet at El Arrayán at 9.30am. Go for traditional Mexican breakfast, visit the market & tortilla factory. Come back to El Arrayán, receive printed recipes in English and embroidered apron. Receive hands on instruction in English. Have lunch of what we cooked. Includes one drink or one glass Mexican red or white wine. Transportation is included: restaurant to breakfast to market & back to restaurant. We are usually finished around 2.45 pm

COST: $115 USD

Thursday or Saturday

Class + Lunch

Meet at El Arrayán at 11.00 am. Receive printed recipes in English and embroidered apron. Receive hands on instruction in English. Have lunch of what we cooked. Includes one drink or one glass Mexican red or white wine.

We are usually finished around 2.45 pm.

COST: $85 - $90 USD

For both types of classes you will be learning and having for lunch:

Appetizer, main course, dessert & fresh salsa. All very traditional Mexican food recipes. You may also have the chance to make tortillas with fresh corn masa if there is enough time.


Cooking Classes


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If you are ready to learn the secrets from the pros this class is for you!, Learn in our all stainless steel professional kitchen, bring the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine to your home and have tons of fun at the same time. El Arrayán team invites you to be a part of this unique Puerto Vallarta experience where the aromas, flavors and colors of Mexico come together in one place...Restaurant El Arrayán.

Regular cooking classes are scheduled from October to March.
Scheduled classes, individual, private or group lessons can be booked as well.

To book a cooking class and for more information, including full menus, prices, payment for classes and individual groups
please send an e-mail to Carmen Porras arrayanclasses@gmail.com.
Or call El Arrayan: (322) 222 71 95

For more information about cooking classes and calendar, please fill out the form below.

Please note that the ONLY way to secure your spot is by making the corresponding advance payment.

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