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Welcome to EL ARRAYÁN! What does the name mean? Well, an Arrayán is a species of tree that bears a small sweet and tart fruit by the same name. It grows in and around the region of Jalisco, México. We have our own Arrayán tree growing in the courtyard! EL ARRAYÁN means that since 2003 hundreds of people have supported us by coming back, recommending us to family & friends. Encouraging us to try flavors and combinations, daring us to cook tastier and even strange things now. Notice: ours is not Tex Mex food…The name of our restaurant implies that all the dishes you find in our menu, are Intangible Cultural Heritage declared by UNESCO for Mexican Cuisine. What is recognized is the authenticity and capacity to evolve, change from a foundation: our own traditional Mexican cuisine. Please enjoy what we do, while dining with us tonight, as much as we enjoy doing it every evening.

Claudia Victoria  R.  &  Carmen Porras E. Owners


EL ARRAYÁN Puerto Vallarta is an intimate little Mexican restaurant with a lot of soul. Offering a variety of authentic yet unusual Mexican food dishes using only the best traditional recipes and highest quality ingredients, and acquiring a wonderful reputation and large clientele along the way. Situated in the heart of Old Town, it’s an easy walk from the Malecón. El Arrayán opened its doors November 2003.


The owner, Carmen Porras, a young entrepreneur with an enormous love of Mexico and its cuisine, decided to create EL ARRAYÁN because she felt a need to showcase genuine yet different and unique Mexican food in a casual and friendly atmosphere, with excellent service and great attention to detail.


The restaurant’s décor abounds with accents of Mexican furniture and art, reminiscent of the country’s customs and traditions. Washed down terracottas, browns and lively Mexican pink surround the traditional central patio, highlighted by one young arrayán tree. The restaurant’s name evolved from Porras’ memories as a child of visiting candy shops with her mother in search of “dulces de arrayán” while on holiday in Guadalajara. She also remembers an arrayán tree at her great-grandfather’s house in Guadalajara, which is there to this day bearing fruit every year. The arrayán tree, which is prevalent in the Jalisco region of Mexico, features four petal flowers and a small edible fruit.


Emphasizing the regional wealth of the state of Jalisco, EL ARRAYÁN strives to bring home the influences that have historically changed cooking in the region, as the way people cook varies from the flatlands to the coast, lakes and forests. Dishes are prepared using Pre-Hispanic ingredients such as chile, corn, cactus paddles, beans and avocado, combining them with European ingredients brought to Mexico which are now staples, such as pork, beef and cheese among many others. The bar is fully stocked and offers an extensive variety of tequilas and regional liquors as well as international selections.


So, enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere, as you sip a Raicilla or Tequila and listen to soft traditional Mexican music (Not your typical mariachi band!) and savor some of our specialties, like the delicious black bean and cheese filled plantain fritters. Different salsas enhance your meal and tickle your taste buds. Desserts are to die for, specially the cajeta (caramel spread) flan.

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